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Hi! I’m Shumyla, a Digital Product Designer.

I’m currently serving Bay Area businesses with user experience design, strategy and brand expression. I’m multidisciplinary and an enthusiastic generalist. Currently open to new work!



Originally hailing from England, I’m a Silicon Valley-based multidisciplinary product/visual designer currently working with growing companies to solve their complex creative problems. I have deep interest in a variety of areas: health & wellness, medical inventions, crypto & fintech, security, intellectual property, space, wearables, AR and voice UI. I believe in lifelong learning, moonshot thinking, and innovation for the betterment of humanity.

As I’ve grown in my career, I’ve delightedly given back by mentoring countless junior designers, college and high school students, and by participating in design industry groups in leadership roles.

I organize Design Collective, a product design meetup, which has 1800+ members. I also offer coaching services for people transitioning into design careers.

Have a project or want to talk shop? Get in touch.


Contact me to receive a PDF binder of work. (I’m migrating my portfolio to Webflow.) For reference, some of my relevant experience includes:

  • End-to-end UX process for an Event Aggregator App
  • End-to-end UX process for a Real Estate Services website
  • Design Contract at LinkedIn | Assorted visual design
  • Design Contract at Health IQ | Assorted visual design
  • Design Contract at Nike | Assorted visual design
  • Crafting a voice & tone guide for a Chatbot
  • Digital agency experience for such clients as Target, Walmart, YMCA and Children’s Medical Center

What People are Saying

Shumyla is extraordinarily talented. She not only produces beautifully designed work in any medium, but she also is a great colleague who gives her time and expertise to help others. On Nike’s DC3 project, Shumyla created materials for us that were beautiful and firmly within Nike’s brand. She was always willing to make time to give her feedback and advice to our team to help make sure we produced work that lived up to Nike’s expectations. Her guidance and willingness to partner with our team was invaluable.

— Wade M., Learning Experience Designer at Nike

Shumyla and I connected through the UX Design Meetup group she has founded. Shumyla consulted me with redesigning my resume and encouraged me to create my portfolio website. The final products are visually compelling and the content is authentic. Shumyla is a natural coach, and the process she took me through was an absolutely great experience of learning and self-discovery. The insight she gave me about the UX research and UX design in the context of Silicon Valley was invaluable. Shumyla offers a very complex service by bringing the whole package — consultant, coach, communicator, and designer — wrapped in one. In addition to being a very talented designer, she truly cares about the local designer community by organizing meetups with interesting guests and encouraging networking. I definitely recommend her services both as a designer and a design consultant/coach.

— Michaela P., UX Researcher at Google

Thank you so much for your time. You gave me so many great tips, especially regarding my attitude. I feel empowered and confident about myself! I have already started working on my web page. I just wanted to let you know that you have a true gift of triggering self-confidence in people you talk to. That is just an amazing gift. Thank you.

— A coaching client

I’ve had the privilege of working with such brands as:

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